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Tweet It To The Masses - Taking It To The Tweets

Internet Marketers rely on Twitter to help reach a wide range of targeted prospects but if not used properly, using Twitter is pointless.  Just because you have thousands of Followers does not mean you have thousands of prospects eagerly waiting to view your next Tweet.

It's a part-time job keeping a Twitter account filled with active Followers.  People who create Twitter accounts don't necessarily sign into their Twitter accounts daily, weekly or monthly to see who is Tweeting nor do they Tweet.  There are also Twitters who only focus building up a Following into the thousands but never read other Tweets or share the love by re-twitting. 

To get more Twitter Followers you need to go get them or you need to wait patiently and sign in everyday to view Following requests.  I practiced the latter and by doing so I learned how to weed out the players from the real active Twitter Followers.  Because I wait for people to request following me I decide to approve them and at least once a month I slowly clean out house.  I take the time to click on names to have the box field populate to see if they follow me.  At first it confused me how someone who requested to follow me all of a sudden does not follow me anymore but over time I learned that many Twitter Internet Marketers use programs to get Followers but then stop following people.  Now you might be asking WHY?  Well, after manually and gradually building up Twitter Followers I've learned that the people who use programs to recruit Followers have thousands of Followers themselves but they follow very few.  The more Followers they have the better the chance their Tweets will get noticed by the hundreds of thousands of Followers they have but in my opinion that is a poor plan of action.  OK, someone may have hundreds of thousands of Followers but that does not mean all Followers are active.  Imagine having thousands of non-active Followers.  Why would someone want to Tweet Tweets to non-active Followers who are not using their Twitter accounts?  That is why I take it slow and manually clean out house once a month.  I'm a successful Internet Entrepreneur whose job is to keep with the masses.  There are probably dozens of different reasons why Twitter accounts go idle but that is just par for the course when working online.


If you take the time to clean out your Twitter accounts manually you will learn a lot of sly tactics people use to grow their Twitter accounts quickly.  When you clean out house manually you will notice that many of the people who re-tweet don't Follow you and the Tweet they are re-tweeting do not Follow you either.  I found that to be very annoying.  Another Twitter tactic to be aware of is Twitter themselves Tweeting Tweets you never asked for.  I lost count how many times Twitter Tweeted a celebrity Twitter account that I never requested to Follow.  It is so worth the time and effort in the long run to clean out house occasionally.

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    1. Hello Marc Smith,

      Yes, Twitter is used correctly can be used as a powerful tool to Internet Market and brand identity.

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