Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Website Internet Marketing Ideas

In 2009 I started to learn Internet Marketing techniques that to this day I still put to practice.  I've learned that it is not necessary to spend lots of money to reach a wide targeted group of prospects.  Learning how to set up Automatic Marketing Ad Campaigns, learning how to get blogs, articles and websites indexed to the Search Engines to increase organic traffic, learning how to post daily ads to free classified ad websites like Craigslist, and learning how to utilize Social Networks as a form of free Internet Marketing has given me an advantage over the competition.  I know how to market online and I know how to set up Automatic Internet Marketing to advertise 24-7.  I get it and why do I get it?  I get it because I have years of hands on experience practicing techniques that turned into proven techniques.  Anyone can get a degree but not everyone can become an expert in their field of choice unless they do the job to get the experience to become the expert.

 Learn How To Earn Money Online

There are literally hundreds of free Internet Marketing techniques available to eager web gurus also known as Webmasters.  Experienced Webmasters know how to set up free Internet Marketing Ads and know how to Internet Market on the cheap.

I use many forms of free automated online advertising tools and I use a selective few paid automated online advertising tools but this blog will speak about three specific free Internet Marketing resources.  When I started to market online I was introduced to HeaderAds, SlideUpAds and HoveringAds and over time I learned and how much power these three advertising tools hold.  As time went on I noticed more and more visitors to my websites and Affiliate Links.

BEFORE YOU START TO USE THE THREE INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS LISTED BELOW, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU CAN NOT ADVERTISE ANY ARTICLE, BLOG OR WEBSITE THAT HAVE ADSENSE ADS ON THEM.  I used capital letters to catch your attention to make sure you understand that it is AGAINST ADSENSE POLICY to use any tool to artificially increase impressions and clicks.

I use these wonderful free resources to advertise websites and blogs that DO NOT have Adsense Ads on them.  I promote dozens of websites, blogs and Affiliate Links using these free resources. is one of the many websites I promote using these free marketing resources.  If you visit the website you will not see any Adsense Ads on it.  I appreciate all Publisher Programs and they all have their own rules and policies to abide.


If you're wondering why I have Adsense Ads on this blog, well, this is OK.  I'm allowed to show Adsense Ads throughout this blog but I can not advertise any URL, web address, webpage, blog, article or etcetera using the three free tools promoted here.  JUST DON'T DO IT.  You worked hard to become an Adsense Publisher so don't take the chance of losing your Adsense account.

OK folks, lets finally get started.  I added a HeaderAd, SlideUpAd and a HoveringAd to this blog.  I did so to show how they work.  Non-intrusive autopilot Internet Marketing at its best.  I love these three programs.  Simple and easy to implement to HTML codes.  Each time I receive a visitor to this blog, I earn free advertising credits.  Yeah!!!  I love that.  When I accrue enough credits in my accounts, all three tools show my Ad Campaigns on other members blogs and websites.

Another way to accrue credits fast is to get people to join the free programs through your Referral Links.  The more people you recruit and the more your recruiters use the free tools the faster you will accrue credits.  I've been using these three free advertising tools for years and I have recruited hundreds of active users.  Because I now have hundreds of Referrals actively using the programs, I earn credits much faster than I did compared to when I first started using the programs.  The faster I earn credits the more often my Ad Campaigns get advertised.

The longer you work it the more free automated advertising you can receive.

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